For much of the last 20 years I have been developing and managing sales, presales, and delivery team enablement in the form of training, certifications, and competencies. Prior to that I spent time in the field as a presales professional in both the individual contributor roles as well as managing regional, national, and global teams.


The company logos you see rotating through on the right are some of the companies that I've worked for over the years, starting as a Programmer/Analyst at Sunshine-Jr (convenience stores) to serving as the Senior Manager of partner & Workfront Enablement at Adobe.


Each company contributed something positive to my development and gave me opportunities to move into or at least try other roles over the course of my career. At ICC, I started as a software engineer writing file transfer applications for Burroughs mainframes, I developed a new commercial product (ICC/HIFTManager), I moved into presales and presales management, I delivered thousands of presentations, training classes, product introductions at trade shows and customer locations all over the world.


As I said, I served for years as a presales professional, over that time I picked up a lot of tricks of the trade to help my sales reps close deals from a technical perspective, I talk about one aspect of that on my Sales Engineering page. As an outgrowth of that work, I moved into Product Marketing, Enablement, Sales, Presales, Technical, Direct and Indirect for all manner of sales teams. Want to know more about my background? It's all here. I look forward to finding out how we can work together.

Where to Find Me:

Stephen W. Myers
14401 Shocklach Drive

Winter Garden, Florida 34787


eMail:  swmyers@swmyers.com